Painting Guide-Eztlachtli
By Lloyd Chidgzey
The larger size Eztlachtli was printed for this painting guide (which is about 125mm tall)  on the Ultimaker at 0.1mm resolution. To remove the supports I use a hobby cutting tool and cut across the supports horizontally  
working up to the arm/weapon/ or whatever overhanging element. Usually with a twisting action the support will fall off fairly easily.
I cleaned and sanded the model and primed it with Tamiya fine primer.
I painted the entire Eztlachtli in Vallego Model Color acrylics gold brown acrylic, 2 coats.
A mixture of black and burnt umber oil paint which is thinned with white spirits makes the main wash for the model. Allow this to dry for about fifteen minutes then wipe away the oil wash. 
I mixed a small amount of the gold brown with white and dry brushed the highlights. This can be done in stages getting lighter with each drybrushing pass. Next I added some red and green  to various details. Once that had dried it was followed with gold paint to accent additional details.
For the recessed 'light' details (would be interesting to self illuminate this detail on a large print) I painted those details silver for the eyes, chest, back, shoes and belt.
Next I painted Tamiya clear red on the details, although in this case I had the model lying horizontally amd 'pooled' the clear red into the recess and left it to dry. 
The red light details contrast nicely with the rest of the model, with the glossy finish. Next I painted the base a shade of green, and added some dark brown to suggest dirt and rocks beneath his feet.
A dark brown wash is added to the base and dry brushed light green. A coat of Testors dullcoat is sprayed to seal the paint job after 2 or 3 days drying time. If the acrylics aren't given enough time to fully dry the lacquer may react and spoil the paint job. I also masked the red light details so it would retain the gloss finish for those details. In this case I used small circles of painters tape.
The final Eztlachtli paint job...
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