Painting Guide- Ravager Worm
By Lloyd Chidgzey
This is a large print of the Ravager Worm, at about 110mm tall and printed on the Ultimaker at 0.1mm resolution. To remove the supports I use a hobby cutting tool and cut across the supports horizontally  
working up to the arm/weapon/ or whatever overhanging element. Usually with a twisting action the support will fall off fairly easily. Modelling time lapse can be found here: 
I cleaned and sanded the model and primed it with Tamiya fine primer.
The first colour I applied is a reddish grey, in acrylics with two painted layers as usual.
I'm aiming for a greenish dark grey colour overall so for the the worm's back, "legs" and horn details  I applied a custom mixture to get that approximate shade. I then painted a few shades of red to the inside of the mouth. I also paint some earth tones on the base, with various speckled detail colours.
Using an airbrush I spray some shades of pinkish red over the front of the Ravager and around the eyes.
To get the main dark grey colour I use the airbrush to spray dark grey over the upper areas of the model and around the sides to soften the blend between the base colours.
After adding some more light grey highlights to the base rocks, I spray a coat of Pledge (aka Future) to seal the paint before I apply the oil washes.  This needs a few days to dry as usual.
After painting bright orange on the eyes, I use a mixture of black and burnt umber applied all over, excluding the base. For the base I mixed a brown/red wash clour using black and burnt sienna.
When the oil washes have dried I drybrush the worm with light grey, and lighter pinkish grey on the underside and mouth area.
I airbrushed some lighter orange on the eyes just to lighten the shade slightly, and I paint on a mixture of clear orange and red over each eye sphere. Once this has had a few days to dry I spray the whole model with Testors dullcoat.
The final touch is to paint some more Pledge clear over the eyes and inside the mouth.
Final Ravager Worm model...
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