Painting Guide-Xochatl
By Lloyd Chidgzey
Xochatl has been printed, cleaned up, filed and  lightly sanded mostly on areas where the supports have been removed.  It has then been primed using Tamiya fine primer. A few coats should reduce the visible 3D print layers.
Using acrylics for the base colours, I start with the skin which is Tamiya flat flesh XF-15. Give it a day or two to dry before doing a wash to avoid reactions with the oil paint.
A mixture of black and burnt umber oil paint which is thinned with white spirits makes the main wash for the skin. Allow this to dry for about fifteen minutes then wipe away the oil wash. Have a bunch of Q-tips on standby while doing this.
At this stage you can painting the eye whites and pupils. I have also blended some cadmium red oil to the cheeks and lip areas.
Add some of the acrylic flesh base colour to white and dry brush lightly over the high surfaces of the skin to bring up the details.
Paint the rest of the Xochatl colours, which are:

Skirt: light brown
Head dress feathers and belt: red brown
Top of head dress: red (not too bright)
Shoulder fabric: green
Gold armour and extra details: gold leaf (Tamiya X-12)
Boots:medium grey
Sword:flat aluminium (Tamiya XF-16)
Base: dark brown

I make a few different wash tints for the rest of the figure. Usually black and burnt umber for most of the model details, and black and burnt sienna mixed for the gold armour and details. Remember to give it a day or two for the base colours to dry.
Black and dark blue oil wash is applied to the sword and dry brushed with silver acrylic apint.
The details are dry brushed with lighter shades of the base colour. For the gold armour highlights, I dry brushed over a mixture of titanium gold and silver.
A dark brown wash is added to the base and dry brushed. Some medium green acrylic colour is stippled onto the base to add some variation to the ground work beneath the warriors boots.
After at least 3 days drying time  I lightly spray the character with Testors Dullcoat to flatten down and unify the paint job a bit more. This is the finished Xochatl model.
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